11 benefits of black pepper that are beneficial and will improve your health

What is Black Pepper?

The most common and widely used spice for seasoning throughout the world is pepper. It is delicious and helps enhance the flavor of anything it is sprinkled on. The origins of this berry are as delicious and complex as its flavor. Although it is native to the Malabar region of India

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Black Pepper Powder

Black Pepper is a very nutritious spice full of multiple minerals and vitamins. It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B6. Further, it contains Riboflavin, Thiamin, Niacin, sodium, potassium, folate, choline, and betaine. This is an exceptional amount of nutrition for a spice. It is a zero-calorie spice. It also provides protein of up to 10.95 mg per 100grams.

Here are 11 benefits of this amazing spice.

1. Help Fight Depression

Black pepper contains a compound called piperine, which is very beneficial for people suffering from depression. It also helps improves brain functions and helps enhance memory.


There have been studies published in medical journals such as the Journal of food and chemical toxicology. Regular intake of black pepper helped alleviate depression, significantly enhancing brain functionality.


2. Helps with Digestion


The body secretes an acid called the hydrochloric acid, which is essential to the digestion process. Black pepper is known to increase the secretion of this acid, which helps the body to digest food. It helps prevent intestinal gas production and stimulates sweating and urinating, which helps remove toxins from the body. Black pepper is a carminative that promotes good gut health.

3. Nutrient Absorption

Consumption of black pepper helps the body absorb more nutrients from other foods. Using black pepper with fruits, vegetables or any other dish will help the body absorb the nutrients to their full potential.

Nutrient Absorption

4. Treating Ulcers


Peptic ulcers are the worst kind and can cause a lot of discomfort to the patient. Black peppers are rich in antioxidants and are anti-inflammatory, which helps soothe peptic ulcers. Black pepper helps strengthen the mucosal defense. It is also found to fight problems that arise due to ethanol.

5. Get Rid of The Extra Pounds

Fat cells need to be broken in order to lose weight. The outer dark layer of peppercorn speeds up the breaking down of these fat cells and helps increase your metabolic rate. This, in turn, leads to weight reduction. Due to its carminative properties, it also helps rid the body of the intestinal gases and reduces bloating.

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6. A Cough and Sore Throat Remedy


Black pepper has expectorant properties that help reduce symptoms associated with cough and other respiratory issues. It is often recommended as an ingredient in DIY cough remedies. The best way to use it when you have a bad case of the cough is to add a quarter teaspoon to a tablespoon full of honey, mix thoroughly and eat.

7. Promotes a Healthy heart

Black pepper is often recommended by doctors to add to food for patients suffering from heart diseases.  What it does is it removes the cholesterol build up in the arteries.  This helps prevent a medical condition called atherosclerosis, which is the main cause of people suffering heart attacks.

Heart Disease

8. Soothes Toothaches


Another one of black peppers amazing uses is reducing toothaches and other gum related diseases. As it has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties it prevents the spreading of bacteria in the mouth and can be applied to the painful area mixed with salt.

9. Beneficial in Preventing Gray Hair

Graying hair is an issue that is being faced by many young children as well. Black pepper can be used to prevent this from happening. The recipe is simply to mix a quarter teaspoon of black pepper in half a cup of yogurt. Massage it into the scalp and let it sit for half an hour. Then rinse thoroughly. The regular use of this concoction will have a significant effect.


10. Effective for Arthritis Patients


Black pepper essential oil when applied to the skin has a warming sensation, which helps your blood circulation. It can be used by patients suffering from arthritis to get rid of the pain. It also helps remove uric acid like toxins from the body, which is very harmful to people with arthritis.

11. Black Pepper and Skin

Black pepper is packed full of healthy nutrients for the body. The regular consumption of this spice will help achieve a glowing complexion and happy skin. It can also be used as an exfoliator added to honey or yogurt

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