“Do you know what the food you are consuming contains?”

“Do you know the spices you are consuming are highly adulterated?”

“Have you performed any test to detect adulteration of spices at home?”

The above questions are few examples of what today’s food industry is going through. Everyone is claiming that their food items, specifically spices are 100% pure. Every day we get to know through various media channels that people died consuming adulterated food. We as a consumer trust a lot of brands in providing us a quality food, but the reality contradicts this fact.

Nowadays, adulterated food products are being sold widely. The wheat flour (Maida) you use to make snacks may have ash and sulphuric acid. The chilli powder may have synthetic dyes to make it look red. Adulteration includes excessive use of colour in laddoos, turmeric in ghee, tetrazine yellow synthetic colour in nan-khatai, adulterated vegetable oils and synthetic additives in tomato sauce.

Now, that we know that there is maximum possibility that a lot of what we eat is adulterated, there are certain everyday foods you can cross-check. Team ZOFF brings you various techniques that you frequently consume and how to detect if any of them have been adulterated.

“Food Poisoning, said the Doctor. Mehak, a 7year old girl was diagnosed due to stomach pain and vomiting. Sunanda, her mother was shocked to hear that, because she is taking all the care to ensure her family have healthy and nutritious food. The food she prepares using various food materials are all high quality stuff with companies claiming 100% pure and healthy.

The incident was eye opener for her. Even after being very cautious and choosy she is still feeding her family with such food which can cause them serious disease. Sunanda started researching about the food items being manufactured and sold widely across retail channels.

The study done by her revealed there is adulteration in most of the food items we consume today. For example – Milk contains many harmful steroids and hormones which cause abortion and deformities in babies, fake plastic eggs and rice are another addition. Spices industry is leading in terms of adulteration. Chemicals, dyes, saw dust and the list just goes on. We all know as an Indian the role of spices in our foods. No curry dishes can be prepared without spices. Moreover, spices are also used to cure few diseases due to their medicinal properties. What if the medicine you are taking to get rid of diseases itself is adulterated and can cause harm to your body.

ZOFF spices queen helped Sunanda in making checks for certain food items/spices to know whether these are adulterated or 100% pure.

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