Innovative Foods & Spices in India

  • Sep, 17 , 21
  • Zoff Foods

The Indian subcontinent has played a significant role in the history of food and food preparation. Ancient texts from India have described methods of preparing foods, including Sambhar, Rasam, Korma, Kebab and Vindaloo. Influences from other cultures have played a notable role in Indian food, particularly from Central Asia. 

Techniques and ingredients that were introduced from other cultures include chai ( tea ) from China and the Middle East, paneer (cheese) and dahi (curd/ yogurt) from the Middle East, as well as chillies and pepper from the Americas.

This shows that India has always been open to adopting innovative foods from different cuisines and different parts of the world. 

Innovative food that we consume in current times

As times moved on, so did the need for updating ourselves according to the fast-food trends. Few cuisines which have slowly crept into our food system are Italian and Chinese. Be it the white sauce pasta or the spicy ramen, we have everything here, and we are open to tasting and assimilating a large variety of innovative food products into our diet. 

Corn flakes

Corn flakes is a widely acclaimed English breakfast that we have assimilated into our diet. It is a cereal made out of puffed rice and other grains. They are served with cold or hot milk. Cornflake is an easy ready-made breakfast and is widely consumed as a morning breakfast. 

Bottled and paper-wrapped food

The bottled and paper-wrapped food is the best definition of innovative food products. 

Soft Drinks bottled in are consumed by many. Bottled drinks and even paper boat juices are very popular innovative foods that are in trend now. 

Even fruits and salads are bottled. They are a good option for innovative healthy food. The fresh fruits and vegetables are cut and saved up in the packaging, which makes them ready for consumption. 

Yoghurt and curd are also made and packed up in good packaging, and fresh products are delivered thereby. 

Instant fast food 

Instant fast food is one of the most important places where food innovation happens.  

Be it the biryani by kilo biryani, the roadside bread omelette or the tasty fried rice, instant foods are the one domain of innovative foods which are always popular and are also of high taste. 

Plant-based meat

These are basically cruelty-free products. In this, the animal cell is taken and grown in the food laboratory. These plant-based meat products are sustainable for the environment, and they also have good nutritional value. Vegan food is those that are void of animal cruelty in any form. To substitute that and veganism much easier, plant meat-based is the way. These are not only environmentally friendly but are also innovative healthy food products. 

Healthy Innovative food with spices

There are numerous healthy, innovative foods that are available. Spices in themselves are very high in inflammatory content, and making them a part of creating healthy and innovative food can be a good help. While protein shakes are also a help for those who are in for fitness, immunity drinks in the form of traditional authentic spices are also popularly used. 

Immunity Drinks

Immunity drinks are the need of the time, and they are made majorly with immunity-boosting innovative herbs. Amla, ginger, tulsi, ashwagandha are a few of the immunity drinks that are widely used for immunity drinks. Immunity drinks have always been a major part of the Indian diet, and they are in constant update with innovations assimilating different types of ingredients. 

Exotic quick bites with excellent spices 

Quick bites and chats are all that we crave for. Chats like Pani puri, bhelpuri, pav bhaji, are always. The masala is what makes the dish relishing. The high and rich masala flavours of chat leave a strong taste on their taste buds. 

A plethora of dishes with innovative food spices 

There are a wide variety of dishes that can get a wholesome flavour by adding spices. Be it 

Vegetarian, non-vegetarian or vegan food, spice adds a succulent punch to the food. 

Spices are not just subject to spices like chilli, pepper and turmeric. There are a plethora of new and innovative food spices. Some of the innovative food spices are amchur powder, coriander powder, hing powder, jeera powder, methi and much more. A combination of spices is combined together to even prepare spices that would suit non-veg dishes. Chicken masala, fish curry masala, all meat curry masalas are all the famously sold innovative food spices. 

Best and flavour rich Innovative food Spices 

Spices are an essential part of Indian cuisine, and Zoff validates it. Zoff prepares the spices with utmost care. They handpick the spice from different parts of the country where they are grown the best. Then they grind it using the Air Classifying Mills, which is new age equipment to keep the spices and their flavour strong and intact for a longer period of time. These spices are made up of masalas that are ground and mixed together with the right consistency. They also use airtight packaging to keep the spices in good condition. 

Food is a comfort to not just our stomach but also to our souls. Food is medicine as well. These times are especially hard, and consuming healthy food is very much needed to keep our health in a good state. With the innovative foods and spices that are present currently in India, there are yet more to come as we evolve. Be mindful when you try out innovative food and make sure they are hygienic and healthy.