Meet The Immunity Booster Superheroes Of Indian Cuisine

immunity booster superheroes of indian cuisine

Indian food, by no doubt, is one of the most appreciated cuisines in the world. While there are countless possibilities to create unique dishes, it is also a fun fact to remember that most Indian foods and spices have exceptional health benefits. Immunity booster is not just the ingredients but the combination and the way it is cooked or prepared that makes it the best.

Our ancestors were extreme minimalists and those who had exceptional knowledge in creating home remedies for any health issue. Well, there weren’t many back then because we had a cleaner environment and our ancestors ate the healthiest kind of food packed with full nutrients and proteins. The need for staying healthy and longer made them create dishes that keep our immunity at the check and makes a meal healthy. Today in this blog, we will see some fantastic

Indian ingredients and items from this cuisine that are some excellent immunity boosters too.

Amla or Gooseberry

Amla or Indian wild gooseberry is one of the best ingredients to add to your food to improve your immunity. It is often advised to keep citrus away when you have a cold or flu. But did you know that it’s a myth? Citrus can help in quick relief. Amla improves digestion and helps build a healthy metabolism which is essential for an excellent immune system. Amla powder is also a tremendous immunity-boosting powder that can aid in good health.


You might be surprised to know, but then tea has got some fantastic benefits. Tea’s properties are excellent in creating our body with a defence system to fight any bacteria. Tea builds a perfect immune system and also has anti-inflammatory properties. While milk tea can give very minimal benefits, other spiced teas like cardamom, lemon/ ginger or mint tea can help better.

Leafy Vegetables

Go green to up your immunity. If you are tired of falling sick again and again then green veggies are at your doorstep to your rescue. Parsley works in removing heavy and toxic metals from the body. It also aids in strengthening bones and nerves. Broccoli florets, when added to salads, can assist in providing your body with vitamins K, C and A. Micro-greens are other superfoods that you can grow at home and consume. They have an abundance of nutrition and are great for improving your immune system.

While we have talked about various items that help boost immunity, here are some superhero spices of Indian Cuisine that can multiply your immunity to a great level. Spices are the essential part of an Indian dish. People of Asia have a special love towards various spices that not only makes the food incredibly delicious but also aids in good health. Here are some mandatory spices that are in almost every dish in India.


And immunity-boosting powder that it is, you will find turmeric in every single dish in India. Turmeric is exceptionally high in natural anti-inflammatory and helps fight against deadly cancer cells. It is also called brain food and also helps keep your skin healthy and beautiful. A pinch of turmeric and you are suitable for the day! You can also add turmeric to warm water and consume for better digestion.


Whole pepper or pepper powder is a great spice to boost immunity. It helps cure cough and cold and is often used to treat the sore throat. Black pepper is rich in vitamin C and also gives the benefits of calcium. It cleanses your stomach, intestine and detoxifies your body, thus keeping your immune system healthy.


Ginger has many benefits. It treats morning sickness and lowers blood sugar and treats heart diseases. Ginger also aids in chronic indigestion, helping in keeping your immune system clean.


Coriander powder is a must of all spices in any Indian dish. While the powder adds to good taste, the fresh leaves are more beneficial and help lower blood sugar. Coriander leaves are used in garnishing and are rich in immune-boosting antioxidants.


Asafoetida or Hing is another most popular spice used in all Indian dishes. Its anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties help build strong immunity against flu and other viruses. It fights free radicals that might damage cells. It is one of the most potent immunity-boosting powders.


Garlic has been used in foods ever since the beginning of civilisation and not just in India but in many other countries. It is high in medicinal value and helps reduce cold and flu. It also multiplies the antioxidant enzymes in the body and protects the body against many potent metal toxins.

Besides these great ingredients, there are so many more that help builds a healthy immune system. Some of them are fenugreek, paprika, nuts, cinnamon, cardamom, and much more. The options are countable, but the benefits are countless. You can find many immunity-boosting powders that can aid the healthy living. Rally-derived surfactants stir up activity on the floor surface to trap and remove dirt.

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