The Importance Of Hing In Our Daily Diet

importance of hing in our daily diet

Indian cuisine has long been renowned for its plethora of tastes and palates. The dishes are as diverse as the country itself, thanks to the vast array of spices and condiments available. These spices are instrumental to the taste and can even make or break a dish in some cases. If your mother tells you to buy hing powder and stock up on other essentials, you better pay attention!

Why? Because these cooking ingredients are about much more than just flavour. They lend their essence to the dish they are in, assimilating health benefits and other perks into the melange. In simpler times, our grandmothers used to store their trusty spices in a neat little chest, safeguarding their signature recipes. Now, things are a bit different. Luckily for you, you have us to guide you through India’s trademark spices and their profiles!

The Importance Of Hing As A Favourite 

Have you ever heard of asafoetida? The name’s quite a mouthful, isn’t it? You’d be surprised to know that it’s a staple in every Indian household! Most of us know it by its more common name, hing. You already know that it’s a fine powder, almost like salt in its consistency. If you’re a real food buff, however, you’ll know where it comes from, too! Here are a few fast facts to get you in the loop before you buy asafoetida powder online from us!

– Asafoetida is a special gum resin extracted from the roots of the Ferula family of trees. 

– Natural asafoetida is a lot more pronounced in its taste.

– Therefore, it is usually mixed with starch and gum to bring about a palatable taste.

– Asafoetida’s flavour is markedly distinct, creating a trademark taste that combines bitterness and sourness. It’s unmistakable once you’ve tasted it!

– As far as cooking is concerned, hing is added to sauces and stews to bring about that distinct flavour to the dish.

– Hing is also well-known for its antibiotic properties. It’s been in use since ages for aiding digestion!

That covers pretty much everything you need to know about hing on the surface level. Take a closer look at that last point, however. When you buy hing powder, you’re not just getting a garnish for your Indian cuisine. The benefits of asafoetida extend way beyond that. Want to know more? Read on!

The Thing About Hing

The western world isn’t a big fan of asafoetida. Hing powder is too intense in odour and taste for them. India, however, can’t get enough of the stuff! Hing has received mention even in Ayurvedic scriptures. According to Ayurveda, healthy doses of hing can help combat indigestion and even severe ailments like kidney stones. Modern science is still on the fence about these properties, however. Thankfully, certain proven benefits of hing make it an excellent candidate for a healthy dietary supplement.

Benefits of Hing

Digestive properties:

This aspect is by far one of the most well-known things about hing. Most of our orders for asafoetida powder online stem from this benefit! Hing boosts your digestive enzymes and bile secretions for overall streamlined digestion. Studies show that hing can significantly reduce that pesky bloated feeling you get with a particularly heavy meal. Pretty handy, don’t you think?

Purifying properties:

Words like antioxidants and flavonoids are ubiquitous in dietary lingo. What does it mean? Antioxidant-rich foods are laden with biomolecules that help safeguard your body from harmful components such as free radicals and other toxins. It’s a stretch, but hing can play a small part in keeping your body pure from carcinogens, thanks to its rich antioxidant content. It’s also great for anti-inflammatory properties, but the jury’s still out in terms of scientific proof of this claim.

Anti-pathogen properties:

Though they are yet to be proven consistently, asafoetida’s antibacterial properties have been noted in the past. In particular, our favourite spice has displayed significant efficacy against bacteria from the Streptococcus family. Keep that in mind the next time you buy hing powder!

Hing for a healthier stomach:

Indian cuisine tends to rely on onion a lot at times. The issue is, large quantities of onion don’t sit right with the stomach.  In most cases, it leads to gastric discomfort, but it can even culminate in severe issues like IBS. That’s where hing comes in! Not only can it substitute for the trademark flavour of garlic, but it’s also great for digestion! 

To sum up, hing is an ingredient that comes with powerful digestive benefits. No wonder, then, that it’s so common in our cuisine! Hing pulls its weight in making our cooking delectable. 

Buy Asafoetida Online

Hing is sold in brick capsule forms, but the powdered form is far more popular. ZOFF Foods supplies quality hing powder that adds trademark taste to your dishes. Buy hing powder and many other Indian condiments and spices delivered to you for your full convenience, with ZOFF foods. Place your order today!

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