Importance of Storing Spices Properly

Spices are the key to delicious and yummy food. Indian food cannot be imagined without spices. Spices not only bring flavors to the food but also add magical aroma to it. May it be Kashmiri pulao, Sambhar vada, Chole etc. spices have their own importance in every dish. Each Indian kitchen have space for spices. Storage of spices is necessary as poor storage vanishes its quality and aroma.


Importance of spices storage:

  • For long-lasting aroma

Many spices are added in Indian food for the aroma. If spices are not stored in airtight jars or are kept open in the air its aroma may decrease or vanish. For the long-lasting aroma, it’s better to keep spices in airtight jars. It’s best if spices are stored in cool and dark places.

  • To avoid microbial attack

Light, air, moisture are the biggest enemies of spices. It’s necessary to store spices properly to avoid microbes. Microbes can decrease the health benefits of spices and ruin its quality.

  • To maintain its colour

Spices are also added in food to give colour to the food. For example, turmeric powder provides yellowish colour to food. If spices are not stored properly its colour may fade and food will not get the attractive colour.

  • For real taste

Spices should be stored properly because if it’s kept in open place and has direct contact with water or moisture its taste changes. For maintaining the taste, direct contact of spices with air should be avoided.


Store spices properly by following the below tips:

  • Store the spices in cool and dry place.
  • Store the spices in air tight jars and zippers.
  • You can keep spices in dry cabinet or spice shelf.
  • You can store larger backup supplies in the freeze or freezer.
  • Avoid the direct contact with light, air, moisture and heat.


At Zoff we take special spice storage seriously and with improved technology we bring to you 4-layered Zip-lock packages which are temperature resistant. Zip-lock in our packets assures that no moisture enters the packets irrespective of where it is kept. Hence no matter how the outer conditions are, our packets assure you fresh spices with intact aroma every time you open it and use.

Try Zoff Spices.

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