The Problem

Edibles gets spoiled if not kept properly, this is the biggest problem which food industry has been facing as well as its customers. Food companies usually pack the product in inexpensive packaging methods such as a simple polyethylene bag or a cardboard box; this saves the cost for the company but what happens next when consumer uses it. It’s not always necessary that consumer will consume the entire product in one go, he may use portion of it and keep rest for future usage, but simple polyethylene packaging doesn’t allow to reseal it air tight.

Spices also go through the same problem; it loses its freshness and flavor over a time if not kept in air tight container.

The Solution: Zip-lock packaging

Zoff’s research and development team understood the problem, worked on these issues and tried to identify best solution for the consumers. After a long research, we introduced Zip-lock packaging system having a unique design feature while at the same time performing all the necessary functions in the right manner. These functions include keeping the spice inside fresh and free from dirt, dust and bacteria and allowing the consumer to use it without any difficulty for a longer period of time.

Today, we proudly say that “Zoff is the first and only company” which packages its spices in Zip-lock packaging.  Our packaging is very user-friendly due to its secure locking top, which provides an excellent way to keep out foreign substances that may damage or compromise our products.

Our packaging meets the norms of Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, having all the desired product information such as product name, manufacturing date, information related to expiry, pricing, and similar such relevant information are mentioned. Our focus was not only to brand our product in unique way but also satisfy consumers need. Our Zip-lock packaging allows consumer to open it and reseal it again. This keeps the spice inside fresh and pure for longer period.

We can assure our customers that our Zip-lock bag will keep all the foreign substance out of your spice and keep its flavor and fragrance, making your kitchen – Zone of fresh food.

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“Ab Baki Sab Off Only Zoff”

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