Jeera, also known as the wonder spice. Cuminum cyminum is the botanical name of Cumin or Jeera. It is a flowering plant Apiaceae family. It has native to a territory including Middle East and stretching east to India. Jeera is an ancient spice having a history of more than 5000 years. The origination of this spice is said to be the levant region and northern Egypt.  However, in current scenario, India is the largest producer as well as consumer of jeera in the world.

Gujarat is the single largest producer of jeera in the country accounting for over 60-70% of total production and the rest of the output comes from Rajasthan. Gujarat and Rajasthan together account for about 99% of jeera production in the country while the other states produce negligible quantities.

Jeera has a significant demand as a spice all around the globe especially in the places of food lovers. It is also an integral part of the recipes in various cultures. After pepper, jeera is considered to be the most important spice in the world. Cumin in grounded form also forms part of various spicy mixtures, most important being ‘Garam masala’ (extensively used throughout south Asia), which are again used to add pungent flavors to the dishes and cuisines. It also has a number of medicinal uses and helps in curing many diseases.

It is an important spice used in Indian kitchens regularly for flavoring various food preparations. It has various usage as ayurvedic-herbal medicines, major health benefits include its ability to aid greatly in digestion, improve immunity and treat piles, asthma, insomnia, skin disorders, respiratory disorders, bronchitis, common cold, lactation, anemia, boils and cancer.

Cumin had a role as a flavoring agent throughout its history. It had always been used as a spice and for its medicinal uses. Since its origin it was renowned for its sharp biting taste that proved to be a key factor in making this spice popular and a substitute to the costly pepper.

Did you know?

In the historical times Jeera used as a currency to pay taxes

Amazing, is in it?

Did you know?

Cumin also played a very important part as an agent among the ingredients to MUMMIFY pharaohs.

Jeera is an oblong shaped, sharp flavored and dark colored aromatic spice that is placed second to pepper in the context of importance. It is actually the dried fruit of an annual, thin-stemmed cumin plant, which belongs to parsley family. The plant has a short height of 25-30 centimeters and has white to red colored flowers. These flowers produce the fruits for the plant that are consumed all over the world as a flavoring agent in whole or grounded form.

Climate and cultivation Jeera grows well in both tropical and sub-tropical climate and it comes up well in all types of soils but well drained sandy loam soils are best suited. It thrives well between 9 o to 26 o C and annual rainfall of 30 to 270 cms. Crop duration is 110-120 days depending on the variety. Unlike other tropical plants, it requires relatively less water and rainfall during the harvesting period is unfavorable for the seed quality.

At Zoff, we procure best of Jeera seeds and store them at our own cold storage and bring them grinded and packed in Zip lock packets to keep fresh and pure for longer time.

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