The Conception

As an Entrepreneur one always looks at what new you can give to the people? What is the issue which nowadays people are facing which we can solve in the most efficient manner? There are 3 basic things which are essential for every human to live and they are Food, Clothing and Shelter. We took the former one the Food and created ZOFF SPICES.

From the age of our grandparents, there has been significant change in terms of quality and the way we are having food. From natural forms of food the world has moved to processed and nowadays even in form of supplements we are making up for nutrients for our body. In the name of advancement we have been ignoring the most essential need of our body – The Food.

From waking up in the morning till we go to bed in the night, we see and hear a lot about declining food quality. Various diseases, food poisoning, adulteration etc. due to food have become general norms in the society. The greed to earn maximum profits have resulted in adulterating foods specifically spices with various chemicals, colours which in turn have lead human life to malnutrition, disease prone life, cancer, premature deaths.

Idea of ZOFF – ZONE OF FRESH FOOD was conceptualized in the mind of entrepreneur which was brainstorming all possible solutions of improving and providing nutritive edibles to end consumer.


The Development

Once you have the idea, the hell of a task is how to give it a shape, a definite approach, a path you have to follow in order to reach your desired goal. Here, I want to mention the importance of process you follow. Every step whether it is productive or not comes with an intangible/tangible cost or benefit to you.
So, for various insights we travelled across nations to understand various aspects of food industry. We studied the whole food cycle as in how the raw materials are grown, procured, stored, processed, packed and finally how the market responds to the product. We analysed, researched and understood various possibilities which can be feasible considering our SWOT profile.

Spices industry in India – having huge potential and at the same time many significant changes were need of the hour. Being most significant ingredient of food and medicinal advantage, spices became the 1st step of the ZOFF ladder. We started researching spices industry, the history, areas raw materials are grown, procurement process, manufacturing, storage method and delivery process.

We were entering food industry and our mission was to provide nutritive food in its purest form to end consumers. There were lot of difficulties, hiccups and endless working hours taking a toll on your mind and health. However, with a vision we never lost focus and went ahead the path to make ZOFF a reality.

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