When you are in Food processing industry, the most significant part is how you process all the quality raw material which will ultimately give you your final product. This final or finished product will drive your business and will let end consumer decide the fate of product.

Well, we had to think something unique for this, something which is potentially good but has not been applied till now. As when you use the methods already used by your competitors will not give you any edge over them and you will not be able to provide people something new.

Spices had been manufactured by the use of hammer mill units, a traditional way of grinding raw materials to produce the powder form. This process involves friction between machine and raw materials which produce high amount of heat. The temperature rises more than 100 degrees, and as a result all the natural qualities and nutrients are lost. This paves the way to use a technology which can grind in low temperatures.

A feasible and cost effective way was to use Cool grinding technology. Well, these are machines which use air to grind your raw materials and that too at room temperatures. Yes, this was finally the answer to the problem above. We installed Cool grinding machines in our processing unit. Now, you can have the taste the aura of traditional spices with all the nutrients present in ZOFF spices.


We at ZOFF had been trying to give our best to the end consumers, something which is unique in the whole value chain. Right from procuring quality raw materials, storing them in hygienic/safe environment and processing in a unique way to produce an enriched product in usable form. All of our hard work will be in vain if the product does not reach end consumer the way it has been all through this journey.

Spices generally reach to end consumers either in cardboard boxes or pouches which only act as container. These packaging are thrown away and all the spices are transferred to an air tight container. If by chance one chooses to have this spices in its packet, then its transferred to refrigerators and as a result every type of spices are stacked up and eats a lot of space.

Another problem faced by consumers was the self-life of spices. The spices tend to absorb moisture from environment; also, few of the microbes grow and spoil the spices. Once the packet gets open it was a must to transfer them to air tight containers.

To solve all the above issues, we came with a fresh packaging technique. A multi-layered packaging with ZIP LOCK to keep spices fresh and free from any contamination by external sources. The packaging is another unique property of ZOFF spices.

We at ZOFF have tried better ways to solve the issues faced by end consumers and customers of Spices. ZOFF will keep blending tradition with innovation to deliver people fresh and nutritive food products. Remember its ZOFF – ZONE OF FRESH FOOD.

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