The Procurement

There is a saying – “Coming events cast their shadow long before”. Here, it means the better raw material you choose the better product you can manufacture. India is a land of exotic spices and we had a tough task to choose the pioneers from them. At the back of our minds, we had one thing that we need to choose destinations where these raw materials are available naturally. It means if natural climatic conditions and nature of soil supports growth of turmeric, we have to source turmeric from such an area.

Another, doubtful area was whether outsourcing such impactful activity will fetch us desired results or not. Clearly, you do not have controls over activities which are performed by a third party. The process is not under your supervision neither you can rely on reliability of these products. Another, disadvantage was the cost effectiveness of outsourcing this activity.

We brainstormed all those possibilities, pros and cons of performing or outsourcing the task of procurement. Our team concluded that performing the task in-house will be our best bet. The team which had been working in this line from more than 25 years. The team explored places across India and brought quality raw materials.


The Storage

The most ignored stage in whole process. As a manufacturer, one is always concerned about finished products are ready or not and when will it be released in market. Raw material storage is always ignored as it holds cost and considered non-productive. Moreover, not having your in-house or proper storage facility definitely adds to your cost through different means.

Almost every house, hotels, restaurants have refrigerators. Cold environment is used to protect the self-life of natural available products. This cold temperature inhibits the growth of various micro-organisms and hence results in increased life of raw materials.

Another advantage of having a Cold facility to store your products is the cost effective procurement. Raw material availability is always subject to season. It is always economical when you buy chilli in winter season whereas in summers it will be sold at premium.

Keeping the view in mind we made use of the cold storage facility available to us. It helped us to procure efficiently and have proper storage facility which will preserve the inherent natural qualities of our quality raw materials.

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