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Whole Spice

Chilli 200 Gms Coriander 100Gms Cassia 100 Gms
Jeera 200 Gms Saunf 100 Gms Black pepper 100Gms
Sarso 200 Gms Ajwain 100 Gms Clove 50 Gms
Moti Elaichi 50 Gms Green Elaichi 25 Gms Bay Leaf 25 Gms

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This Wholesome Pack of Spices includes
Combo Price - 1000 | Offer Price - 600

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Do you really believe that the normal spices you’ve been using for cooking your hearty preparations to be 100% pure? Research on commonly available spices, made by our food scientists shocked us! Brick powder in chilies, lead in turmeric and many other harmful chemicals lay under the microscope! Switch to 100% Pure spices, made safely using Cool Grinding technology with handpicked organic ingredients.

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Fact: spices begin to lose pungency and flavor at 60 degrees. But most spice companies use old grinding machines like hammer mills operating at 120 degrees! Which means, you've been denied your share of healthy nutrients for ages! That's why it's time to switch to Zoff spices which are processed using unique Cool Grinding technology that operates at 40 degrees!

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