What’s The Secret Behind The Wonder Of Coriander?

What's The Secret Behind The Wonder Of Coriander

The Magic Ingredient – Coriander

Similar to a cherry on top of a cake, coriander leaves are a charm for any Indian food. Ask Indian chefs, and they will tell you that food is not food without coriander. Right from flavoured rice to mellow gravies, a ting of coriander adds a succulent taste. For an ingredient that is picked up and segregated widely by many while consuming the cooked food, coriander does have a lot of benefits which enhances our health. 

Just like how it is easier to consume fruit juice than the fruit in itself, coriander powder is a way out for many of us who find it hard to swallow coriander along with food. Whether you’re planning to buy coriander powder online or planning to spice up with your kitchen-made coriander powder, trust me it’s all worth it because of the benefits it has to offer. Let’s quickly look at a few benefits of using coriander as a part of your diet. 

Safeguard your immune system during these unprecedented times 

Given the ‘survival of the fittest’ situation, the better your immunity, the better your health. Well, social distancing and hand sanitisers do help to an extent, but these uncertain times can be overcome if your immune system is high. 

Coriander has immune-boosting antioxidants which improve your immunity and does a lot of good to your body. The Vitamin C content in the coriander gives you quick relief in curing a cold and cough. 

The antioxidants in the coriander can be of great help to you and your genes by acting as an anti-cancer agent. Prevention is better than cure, so boost your immune system and prepare your body to face the times of now. 

Say No to indigestion problems

Indigestion problems are undoubtedly a primary concern for many of us. Coriander helps in the secretion of digestive enzymes which improves your digestion and enhances your digestive tract. 

It also regulates bowel movements and is a good cure for diarrhoea and constipation. While binge eating and giving in to unhealthy cravings is hard to resist, try to compensate for that by making coriander powder a part of your diet. 

Challenge your chronic illnesses

Chronic illnesses are exhausting, and people who have developed the same spend a considerable amount of time coping with them. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and bad cholesterol(LDL) problems are something that a substantially large number of middle adults are fighting. Coriander helps in maintaining the blood insulin levels, blood pressure, and aids a lot in lowering the harmful cholesterol levels.

Nurture your mind 

Coriander is found to have notable benefits on your mind and moods as well. Add a little pinch of organic coriander powder to your morning tea or simply consume it with hot water to cope with anxiety. It is shown that coriander has the same benefits as taking a dose of diazepam, a well-known anxiety drug. 

Coriander is also known to play a role in treating Alzheimer’s, depression, and coping with stress. Coriander is also found to improve memory retention. Mind matters, so take good care of it.

Maintain a flawless skin 

Who says No to flawless glowing skin? Coriander helps your skin breathe and is the best cure for acne problems, skin rashes, pigmentation, blackheads, and much more. While throwing a fancy tea party, make sure to pinch in a little bit of organic coriander powder not only maintaining the aesthetics but also illuminating your skin and your tribe’s.  

Fortify your reproductive system 

Coriander is an organic aphrodisiac and can improve your sexual health to an excellent extent. Coriander water regulates the menstrual flow and helps in dealing with PCOS problems. 

It is also shown that coriander acts as a cure for UTI problems. Coriander plays a significant role in enhancing the reproductive fertility of both men and women.  

Do a little good to your vision

Gone are the days when people had the best visual acuity. Most of them are into wearing power glasses. But you know what? 

Coriander improves vision as well. It also helps in the treatment of conjunctivitis and eye infections. Coriander has vitamin A, and Vitamin C components in it do even better than what carrot does to your eye.

Keep your bones and joints intact 

Bone and cartilage must be protected at all times. The more you move around without hassles, the happier you are. Coriander helps protect your locomotion too. 

Coriander is rich in calcium and improves the strength of bones. The anti-inflammatory properties in coriander help in the prevention of developing arthritis. Coriander is also shown to reduce joint swellings. 

Fight the little strains of the virus

Coriander plays an essential role in curing viral and bacterial infections. Coriander drink is a popular cure for viral fevers and urinary tract infections. 

The antimicrobial compound and antibiotic components in coriander make it the best remedy to cure viral and bacterial infections. Who knows what the future holds? The organic cure for COVID could also be a strand of coriander.

Lip-smacking recipes 

You can prepare yummy food with coriander. Coriander rice, coriander chutney, coriander tea, and coriander soup are a few popular ones. Try new recipes and unleash the cook in you using the organic coriander powder. After all, it is all worth it for the fantastic health benefits it offers. 

How often do we indulge in buying fancy products and spending thousands of bucks to improve our health? You can very well do the same by purchasing a small packet of high-quality coriander powder which costs you significantly less. 

The coriander powder price would not burn a hole in your pocket but fiercely works in bettering your health and lives. 

What is the best way to enhance flavour to the food, aroma to your cooking, and loads of health benefits to your body? Well, Coriander it is!

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