Health is Wealth

Team ZOFF is very well versed with the above notion and strictly follow Health is Wealth notion in all its activities. We have set parameters to source the best and quality raw materials which have been hardly exposed to chemicals and artificial environment. In our homes, we store our day to day groceries in refrigerators to keep them fresh, likewise at ZOFF raw materials are kept fresh and germ free in cold storage. The mechanics of manufacturing is aligned in such a way that instead of adding outside chemicals, the quality of raw materials is enhanced and preserved. Hygienic practices at manufacturing unit are strictly monitored by Quality Team. The team assures each and every human hand is safe and healthy to run the process. In-house lab adds another layer of safety by making sure each raw material and finished goods are fit for human consumption.

A Myth – Spices are not healthy

Many of us think that spicy food is harmful for human body. Spicy food leads to improper functioning of digestive system. However, the truth is different, our health is effected only when unwanted calories of food is consumed on daily basis. Spices aids in digestion. A physician recommends you to avoid spicy food just because you are already sick and having less spicy food will help in fast recovery. Spices are integral part of our food and have scientifically proven health benefits.

ZOFF spices have a healthy range of spices variants and each spice comes with unique health benefits. Many spices are used in medicines and over the counter drugs. In this world where diseases are being referred as common, seasonal and have presences in all age groups, ZOFF spices are gradually making the food healthier. So, forget health issues and grab your health buddy ZOFF spices at your nearest stores soon.

“Add ZOFF Spices to your daily food and make your life healthy and good”

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