Are your 100% Pure Spices, Fresh too??

Why it is that freshness of spices used to cook fresh vegetables is ignored??

What if you order spices that are made today and dispatch today??

Well, we have never ever thought on those lines, Do we? We always work for getting those fresh vegetables and fruits to eat. But, we also include spices to cook vegetables and they are also product made out of various crops of spices. The point gives way to another question – why we only shop for fresh vegetables and not for fresh spices.

We consider a spicy food unhealthy. Why? Is it due to spices present in it (spices have medicinal properties) or is it due to spices used in the food are months older? Spices when kept in unhygienic conditions or containers/boxes attracting moisture are attacked by various microbes which makes them unfit for eating. These types of spices are then used to cook your food which when consumed makes you unhealthy.

Another view here will be about self-life of vegetables we buy and spices we eat. Clearly, there is huge difference. We can’t compare few days to months or almost a year. The concern we want to raise here is self-life depends on the way you store and how the spices are handled after packaging is opened. Once, the packet is opened, spices inside are exposed to contamination from various sources and most important to the moisture which results in degradation of product and ultimately the self-life is affected. **Try ZOFF Spices which comes with ZIP Lock packaging.

Team ZOFF Spices have come with a solution to all the above issues and has termed it as “ZOFF TAAZA”. Now, with ZOFF TAAZA you can order spices that are made today and dispatch today. Just order (as you do in another e-commerce platform) on our website and we will deliver you the fresh spices at your doorstep. Freshly grounded spices will reach you within stipulated time in a packet that keeps the freshness of spices intact.

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