11 Benefits Of Spices That Can Help You To Live Healthy Life

  • Jul, 31 , 23
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 Are you a foodie? If yes do you be mindful of what goes to your tummy? Well while many of us are ardent food lovers, little do we notice the values and the goodness of the food that we intake. Gone are the days when we listen to our mothers and grandmothers who blend a mixture of medicinal herbs to consume when we fall sick. In this fast-moving world, along with fast-foods, there are fast ways to cure any ailment which is not healthy at all. While the food that we eat is lip-smacking and extremely tasty it is often not so healthy. The benefits of spices are often overlooked and we have to start appreciating their health benefits.

How Spices and Herbs Benefit Us?

If there are two things in this world that we have to guard, it is our planet and our body. Without these two, our existence would make no sense. And so it is important to be mindful of what we eat. While savoring good and delicious food is important there’s nothing wrong with making it the healthy way. There are plenty of herbs and spices and other medicinal plants that nature offers us. What better way to guard your body than this?

Top 12 Indian Spices and It's Health Benefits

India is a land of spices and there are so many Indian spices that offer amazing health benefits. By consuming just a handful of these healthy spices every day, we can slow down and prevent any health issues that might occur due to a hurried lifestyle that we all have today.

Today, in this blog, we will some of the most amazing health benefits of various spices, which are essential Indian spices and how by adding them to our daily foods we are able to bring down the chances of various health issues.

1. Cinnamon: Used in Ayurvedic Medicine

Cinnamon For Health Benefits

The first one on our list is cinnamon something we all love for the aroma and the mild sweet taste that it gives to various dishes. It is found in almost all dishes and baked foods. The compound called cinnamaldehyde is what gives cinnamon its medicinal properties. Cinnamon has many health benefits like it lowers blood sugar, fights inflammation, and lowers cholesterol.  Cinnamon has the potent to lower blood sugars by 20%in diabetic patients.

2. Peppermint - Traditional Remedy

Peppermint is an essential herb in aromatherapy. It is a great herb to treat nausea. It is also a one-stop solution for irritable bowel movement syndrome (IBS). It helps in relaxing the muscles in the colon that reduces the pain. Another study shows how peppermint aromatherapy can help reduce nausea in women during labor.

3. Turmeric - Major Ingredient in Curry Powder

Health benefits of turmeric

Turmeric spice is present in all our households. There is no Indian spice box that does not have turmeric. Besides giving beautiful color to dishes due to the natural components present in it, it is an amazing anti-oxidant too. Curcumin is the most prominent component that is rich in medicinal properties.  Curcumin present in turmeric can reduce the chances of encountering various health diseases. It can help reduce the risk of heart stroke, cancer, helps fight Alzheimer’s, and improves brain function. Chronic inflammation can be healed by spices and can be brought to control by regularly consuming turmeric. 

4. Cilantro - Popular Spot for Tasty

Another amazing herb that adds a dash to special flavor to many dishes is coriander or cilantro. Coriander when consumed in its leaf form provides amazing health benefits. It is mainly used to garnish various dishes. It is rich in Vitamin K, A, and calcium. It aids digestion and helps in keeping your gut clean. It also helps the body get rid of various harmful metals that can contribute to stress. This herb is rich in fiber, phytonutrients, and iron. Cilantro helps improve the sleep cycle and supports the menstrual process.

5. Ginger - Folk Medicine

As much as many dislike this spice, it has amazing health benefits. Besides adding a zing to our flavorful dishes, it acts as an anti-inflammatory and is rich in anti-oxidants. It aids digestion and improves gut health. It has other health benefits too. Ginger helps relieve cold, flu, cough, and menstrual cramps.

6. Cardamom - Seed pods of various plants

Cardamom Benefits

Cardamom's sweet scent is more than enough to oomph a dish. Used in many Indian dishes, this spice helps aid digestion and prevents cancer, and improves blood circulation. Cardamom can fight problems like bad breath, clear cavities, and cure gum disease.

7. Black pepper - Used as a spice and seasoning

A strong immune system is something that we all wish for and black peppers will help you get it. Piperine an active compound present in black pepper is one of the best in having medicinal properties to fight inflammation. It is known as the king of spices for a reason. Black pepper also contains oxalate that aids calcium oxalate kidney stones.

8. Fenugreek - Flavoring agent

If you are working on your blood sugar levels then fenugreek seeds is the best solution. Fenugreek has plant protein 4-hydroxy isoleucine which helps in the active working of the insulin hormone.

9. Garlic - Dietary supplement

One of the most loved spice in all cuisines, garlic has a special taste for itself. It has anti-microbial properties. It is highly nutritious and has the least calories. The active compounds in garlic help fight the common cold and flu and also reduce blood pressure. It improves cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of heart disease. It is a great healthy spice that provides amazing health benefits.

10. Basil - Culinary herb

Basil is another effective herb in treating many health problems, stomach spasms, head cold, worm infections, warts, fluid retention, and intestinal gas can all be treated by consuming basil. It also helps keep your kidneys healthier. It is rich in vitamin K, A, C, and manganese. Magnesium and Omega 3 fatty acids are also present in basil.

11. Rosemary - Improves Mental Health

Rosemary is related neurological solutions. It is very useful for those fighting depression, multiple sclerosis, and anxiety. By just inhaling rosemary-infused water, you can alter your neurological health. Rosemary tea can improve your mood and mental health, and also eye health. It is one of the best herbs and spices that you can consume.

12. Star Anise - Rich in Antioxidants

Star Anise

Star Anise has wonderful health benefits. It is also used in Chinese traditional medicine for thousands of years, due it's bioactive compounds that used to treat fungal, viral & bacterial infections. From skin infections, weight loss to healing heart diseases, star anise is a go-to spice used for types of diseases.

We are surrounded by a number of amazing herbs that have great health benefits. There are so many Indian spices that provide amazing health benefits. It’s time we revive our old ways and get the most out of the benefits of these Indian spices.

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Frequently Asked Question About Health Benefits of Spices


What spice is good for immunity?

Cinnamon & Turmeric spice is good for immunity, they are anti-inflammatory and antioxidants in nature and fights against any viral or bacterial infections. One should try immunity booster drink like Haldamrit to boost up the immune and feel healthy & active throughout the day.

What spices help fight colds?

Spices and herbs like basil, black pepper , turmeric helps to fight against cold and fever.

What are the main nutrients of spices?

Spices have good amount of minerals like potassium, iron, magnesium and manganese.

What are the benefits of spices in Indian food?

Indian spices have surprising health benefits like boost up heart health, treats skin related problems, boost metabolism , rich source of iron and many numerous benefits are there for indian spices.