About Us

India's First Brand To Use Air Classifying Mills (ACMs) - 

Spices begin to lose their pungency and flavour at around 60° C.But most spice companies use old grinding machines like hammer mills that reach high temperatures of up to 120° C.

We are the first in India to use Air Classifying Mills (ACMs) to grind all our spices. ACMs work at only 30° – 40° C, so our spices can retain their full flavour and smell till you start to cook.


India's First Brand To Use Stabilo and Pillow packs for spices - 

Once the pack is open Spices begin to lose their freshness and flavour, and are needed to be stored in separate air-tight containers. 

We are the first in India to use Stabilo and Pillow packs for spices. They are air-tight and can be resealed, so they keep fresh for many days, And they look so good, you don’t have to transfer them to a different box.