Spices For Non-Veg Dishes

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With Zoff's Chicken Masala Powder, enjoy home-cooked chicken like never before. Every dish is wonderful because of the mixture of various Indian spices. Prepared with additional ingredients. Completely free of artificial flavors and preservatives, and...

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A pepper-coriander-chilli-based blend that gives a dark tan and a fiery taste to non-veg dishes, especially meat. Since Indians love their meat really spiced up, a fair amount of flavouring spices lend this blend an...

Brief About Zoff Non-Veg Spices

Non-vegetarian recipes in India will mandatorily have various Indian spices in them. Now the fact is that the flavors of the dish will get exaggerated only if you are using the right quality spices in them. If you have been looking for non veg masala that can offer your non-vegetarian dishes a restaurant-like standard, then Zoff is the best choice for you. 

Zoff presents a range of non veg spices that will make your non veg dishes so aromatic that they will trigger your taste palettes in advance. Explore various options to treat your friends and family on different occasions. 

Different Types of Non-Veg Spices

The category of Zoff non veg spices offers a range of spices specially prepared for your non vegetarian recipes at home. Chicken curry is one of the most common recipes that is prepared in households of chicken lovers. Zoff offers chicken curry masala to enhance the taste of your usual chicken curry. 

Fish curry masala is another great option that Zoff offers for those who love to eat super delicious fish curry. 

Zoff meat masala is a perfect option for celebrating your special days with a meat main course dish. Just add a pinch of these spices to your usual non-vegetarian curry to get a kick of flavors. 

How To Use Non-Veg Spices?

Non vegetarian dishes often consist of a huge number of different Indian spices. But if you are naive at the preparation or you wish to consume less time, using non veg spices is the best alternative. Zoff offers a variety of non-veg spices such as chicken curry masala, meat masala, and fish curry masala to make the task much more convenient for you. 

Using the spices is quite easy in which you just have to add the non veg spices while you are frying onions and other elements in the oil. Add the meat, chicken, or fish after the spices are fried nicely, and then add water according to the needed consistency. 

Why Should You Choose Zoff Foods for Buying Non-Veg Spices?

Whether you are cooking non vegetarian food for your family or you are treating your friends and family, adding the right spice in the right amount is essential. At the same time, adding the right quality of spices is also essential if you wish to get that delicious taste and aroma each time. When you do not have that guarantee and assurance of quality in loosely available spices, it is better to go for a reliable brand such as Zoff. 

Zoff is known for its natural and pure spices that offer the right aroma and flavor to your non vegetarian dishes even when you are adding just a pinch of it. Also, Zoff uses cool grinding technology that is very helpful in keeping the spice flavors fresh and as it is even after the grounded spices are packed. As the Zoff non veg masalas are free from any adulteration, they are also not harmful to your family’s health.