Top 11 Masala Companies In India

  • Jul, 11 , 23
  • Zoff Foods

Masalas are the lifeline of any dish. A pinch more of salt or a pinch more of chili powder can make a whole lot of difference. But who makes these? While there are many Indian households that make masalas at home, it is not always easy to take out so much time in doing it. Millennials hardly know how to make masalas. While there might be time to make it, it’s the taste that matters and not all can bring out the perfect blend of the right taste for a masala.

And this is the whole reason why we buy masalas from the market. There are so many best masala brands in India that make top-notch masala in the best quality. All it takes is to know what are those top 10 masala companies in India. Here’s a list that we have collated to help you figure out India’s Top 10 masala brands.

Top Masala Brands in India You Should Try

Have you been in dilemma that which masala brand is good for you? If answer is yes, then let's deep dive into the top masala brands and know the best features of these list of masala companies in India.

Top Masala Companies in India You Should Know

1. Zoff Spices 

Zoff is one of the most leading masala brands in India that create authentic masalas. We have the finest spices that are produced and made organically. The ultimate aim of Zoff is to deliver fresh, pure masalas , and unadulterated spices that remind you of your home. Hygiene is our middle name and we make sure the masalas are packed and delivered in the best way.

Best Feature:

Besides providing some amazing spices you can also find a unique immunity boosting drink mix ‘Haldamrit’ at Zoff that is super good for health.

Uses cool grinding technology to grinds the whole form of spices and includes  zip-lock packaging of the spices rather than keeping spice powder open in environment.

2. Everest Spices

Everest spices is one of the best masala brands in India. They are known for their quality and trust of various customers around the world. It is India’s largest selling spice brand with more than 45 varieties of spices and masalas to offer. They are top masala manufacturers in India who also sell in 58 other countries besides India. They are one of the biggest masala companies that have been in the business for around 50 years now.

Best Feature:

Everest masala’s one of the best selling spice is ‘Aamchur’ and they sell their spices in 58 other countries too including USA, UK, Africa, and UAE.

3. MDH Masala

We all remember the grandpa that comes in the advertisement of MDH. MDH offers a variety of spices packed and delivered from 10g to 500g packs. We all can still play the ‘Asli Masale Sach Sach’, line in our minds when we see the MDH masala box. With an aim to reduce the manual work encountered by Indian household women who spend considerable time in making hand-ground masalas, MDH started its business in 1919. They offer a variety of blended and single spices and stand as one of the most famous masala brands in India and have gotten up the ladder to be top 10 masala companies in India.

Best Feature:

Initially started as hand-ground masalas MDH later switched to power machines to meet the growing demand for spices in their brand.

4. Badshah Masala

Badshah Masala has been in the industry for over six decades and stands to be one of the biggest masala companies in India. Experience a unique blend of ambrosial flavors that offer an authentic Indian masala mix. Now it's easy to get the same hotel-like taste at home but in a better and healthier way.

Best Feature:

Besides selling some amazing spices, Badshah masala also sells Kesari milk masala and premix tea that you can check out on their website.

5. Catch Spices

With the culinary history that India has and the diversity and cultures that the country has, there are hundreds of dishes that were innovated over time in our country. All these would not have been possible without the perfect blend of spices and masala that our people have invented over the years. As important as it is for an Indian household to have a spice box, it is more important to have the perfect blend. Catch masala speaks for its quality and has evolved to be India’s top10 spice brands over a period of 10 years. The uniqueness lies in its source from where it is handpicked, sorted, and graded at a perfect low temperature.

Best Feature:

Catch masala also provides other amazing product ranges like cooking pastes, whole spices, grinders, sprinklers, and blends.

6. Rajesh Masala

Be it chili powder or coriander powder, you name it, you will find it in Rajesh Masala. They are equipped with automatic plants and machinery that enable the processing and packaging of spices in the right and hygienic way. This makes it stand as one of the best masala brands in India. Their ingredients are thoroughly tested for quality, purity, and rich taste.

Best Feature:

Rajesh masala sells their products through sachets and also in various quantity boxes. You can check out for them on their website.

7. Ramdev Masala

Ramdev masalas have been in the industry since 1965 and are manufacturers and exporters of Indian spices. They are also one of the most famous masala brands in India. You can find basic spices, blended spices, four different varieties of hing, and many other options too on their website.

Best Feature:

You can also check out Instant Mixes from Ramdev Masala. Besides, they also have an amazing range of snacks. 

8. Priya Masala

The house of Priya offers a wide range of products. The most prominent of them all is their rage of masalas. A part of Ramoji Group, Priya Masalas stands as one of the top masala company in India. Right from Hyderabadi Dum Biryani Masala to Amchur to Pulao Masala, they have got an extremely wide range of masalas to offer at super affordable prices.

Best Feature:

Piya masala also has amazing pickles. It has always been one of the best-selling products of this brand.

9. Patanjali Masala

Patanjali masalas are top masala manufacturers in India and offer an array of products. Coming from an ayurvedic source, each of the masalas is carefully created and blended at the right temperature to keep the goodness intact.

Best Feature:

Besides spices, Patanjali also sells other ayurvedic-based products that provide amazing health benefits.

10. Pushp Masale

They are also one of the leading spice brands in India. Be assured of pure spices when your shop from Pushp masalas. They contain an eccentric blend of Indian spices that are perfect to compliment your culinary skills. Pushp Masale constantly strives to work in making sure only the best of the quality reaches countless Indian homes.

Best Feature:

Pushp Masale produces around 200 metric tons of production every single day!

11. MTR Masala

MTR Masala is another top masala brand in India that has been in the industry for a very long time. They blend authentic Indian spices at the right temperature and quantities to bring out the perfect taste. Their masalas are also top-selling masalas in India that gain popularity for their taste and packaging. 

Best Feature:

MTR offers a variety of blends besides just spices. They manufacture ready-to-eat range, beverages, vermicelli, pickles, and dessert mixes.

Masalas and Indians go hand in hand. There is no middle-ground either it’s desi way or no way. Ask an Indian household how important are masalas for them and they will make the best dishes to give you an answer. These amazing and top masala brands in India are lighting up everyone’s faces with smiles because they are used in making the best dishes!

Frequently Asked Questions About Masala Brands


Which masala brand is oldest in India?

Mahashian Di Hatti (MDH) Masala is the oldest masala brand in India, established in 1919 by Mahashay Chunnilal Gulati in Sailkot. They started with handmade home-ground desi spices later as technology advances they starting adopting powerful masala grinding machines.

What is the number 1 spice in India?
The number 1 spice in India is Garam masala. This spice is used in many Indian cuisine and commonly used in every Indian household. It is a blend of whole spices which gets grinded and converted into powder form. 

Who is the biggest exporter of masala?

India is the biggest exporter and manufacturer of masala.

Which company has best garam masala?

According to us, Zoff spices, Catch and MDH produces the best masala powders in India. With the usage of cool grinding technology, Zoff spices grinds the whole garam masala into the powder form. While Catch & MDH garam masala makes food more tastier.