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Chhole Masala

A perfect blend of various spices that adds a delicious twist to your regular chole recipe. Zoff’s Chole Masala powder will enhance the taste of your usual tangy and spicy chickpea recipe, giving your tastebuds a wholesome feel. This pindi chole masala gives you the taste of real punjabi chole.


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Chhole Masala


Mint Leaves, Kashmiri Chilli, Red Chilli, Dry Ginger Whole, Dry Mango Slices, Fenugreek Leaves, Kachri, Tamarind, Cassia Whole, Cumin Whole, Black Pepper, Clove Whole, Big Cardamom, Black Salt Powder, Coriander Whole, Mace Whole, Pomegranate Seeds, White Salt, Nutmeg Whole.
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