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P A C K O F 3 P A C K O F 3 3 products/6-CTC-Combo_f7fbb486-6310-4ae4-abbe-9e6299dc7e83.webp
Rs. 875.00

Red chilli, Turmeric and Coriander- the three most essential and popular spices of Indian cuisine now come in one combo pack. Presenting, Zoff's CTC combo of 500 gm Red chilli, Turmeric, & Coriander powder. Keep...

P A C K O F 4 P A C K O F 4 4 products/15-Starter-Basic-spices-kit_b9e6c727-9fdd-4811-bca0-f09f59cf230c.webp
Rs. 280.00

With Zoff's Starter Spice Kit, you may create an endless variety of recipes. It includes garam masala, turmeric powder, redi chilli powder, and corriander powder—all the key spices for starting to prepare Indian food at...

P A C K O F 5 P A C K O F 5 5 products/16-Starter-Chat-spices-kit.webp
Rs. 490.00

We'll bring the chat rooms to you if you're unable to visit them. How? To make your nights spicy and delicious, Zoff's spices offers the Starter Chat Spices Kit Pack, which includes 5 of your...

P A C K O F 3 P A C K O F 3 3 products/23-Assorted-Mini-Dry-Fruits-Combo.webp
Rs. 990.00 Rs. 1,875.00
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Rs. 990.00 Rs. 1,875.00

Presenting Zoff's Assorted Mini Dry Fruit Combo, a power-packed snack of nutrition and crunch, fulfils your mild hunger. It contains almonds, cashews, raisins, pistas, and walnuts. Zoff's vacuum-packed dry fruits stay fresh longer, making it...