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Zoff features jumbo sizes, fresh and crunchy, handpicked from Nashik; the finest variety is double sorted before packing in a proper hygienic processing facility. They have zero trans fat and zero cholesterol calories in a...

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Red chilli, Turmeric and Coriander- the three most essential and popular spices of Indian cuisine now come in one combo pack. Presenting, Zoff's CTC combo of 500 gm Red chilli, Turmeric, & Coriander powder. Keep...

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Rs. 50.00 Rs. 250.00

Turmeric Powder is one of the staple spice blends in Indian recipes. It is a spice enriched with strong flavour and healing properties, having a curcumin percentage of up to 3%, that gives a distinct...

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Rs. 280.00

With Zoff's Starter Spice Kit, you may create an endless variety of recipes. It includes garam masala, turmeric powder, redi chilli powder, and corriander powder—all the key spices for starting to prepare Indian food at...

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Rs. 261.00

Red chilli, Turmeric and Coriander- the three most essential and popular spices of Indian cuisine now come in one combo pack. Presenting, Zoff's CTC combo of 200 gm Red chilli, Turmeric, & Coriander powder. Keep...

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Rs. 490.00

We'll bring the chat rooms to you if you're unable to visit them. How? To make your nights spicy and delicious, Zoff's spices offers the Starter Chat Spices Kit Pack, which includes 5 of your...

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Introducing Zoff's CTC combo pack of Red Chilli, Turmeric, and Coriander Powder—the three most popular and important spices used in Indian cooking. The herbs and spice blends in Zoff's Royal Taste go on a very...

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ZOFF Green Cardamom: Experience the pure essence of Choti Elaichi Whole, a 100% natural spice that adds a burst of authentic flavor to your culinary creations. Elevate your dishes with ZOFF's quality Green Cardamom for...

Rs. 15.00

With careful harvesting and manufacturing, Zoff's Black Salt powder (Kala namak) maintains its distinctive characteristics and flavour. It is visually appealing and simple to sprinkle or grind to the required consistency because to its light...

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The Assorted Big Dry Fruits Combo Pack by Zoff includes four 250g packs of Almonds, Cashews, Roasted Pista, Raisins. Perfect for your daily nutrient needs and ideal for gifting. Each pack is vacuum-packed for extra...

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Presenting Zoff's Assorted Mini Dry Fruit Combo, a power-packed snack of nutrition and crunch, fulfils your mild hunger. It contains almonds, cashews, raisins, pistas, and walnuts. Zoff's vacuum-packed dry fruits stay fresh longer, making it...

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Rs. 261.00

Make Shahi Paneer, Sambhar, Sabji, Chhole, and Dal Makhani with one spice pack! Zoff presents the Starter Curry Spice pack combo with 5 of your favourite recipes. Now keep your palate delicious, nutritious, and exciting...

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The Kitchen whole spices - Pack of 13 from Zoff contains a wide range of spices, including Green Cardamom 25 g, Ajwain 25 g, Black pepper 25g,Cloves 25 g,Big Cardamom 25 g, BayLeaves 25 g, Kasoori...

Rs. 199.00

From the land of masala, we present Zoff's Imli/Tamarind Whole Seedless, which takes you to your childhood. Its sweet & sour taste and rich source of antioxidants make it a perfect combo for everyone. Take...

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Rs. 440.00

Rushing to shops to get different whole spices is officially over. Zoff's Exotic Whole Spices combo pack gives you 100 gm Cassia bark, 25 gm green cardamom, and 50 gm clove. Let's make the kitchen...

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Any Indian kitchen is incomplete without a collection of spices. While spices are necessary to add aroma and flavor to food, these spices also add nutritional value to whatever you are consuming. So, it is necessary that you buy spices that are pure and appropriate for your region’s cuisines. 

Zoff brings to you a range of Indian spice set options from which you can choose the right ones according to your requirements. Not just spices, Zoff also presents a range of dry fruits and other whole food products that are a necessity in every Indian domestic pantry.

What are the Different Types of Products Zoff Offers?

Zoff offers almost everything that you require to unleash a spell through your cooking. You can choose from specific veg and non-veg spice collection set options using which you can come up with some super delicious dishes to stay ready for every celebration and event at home. 

Spices are also packed with several health benefits and so, it is essential that you use the purest form. You can get whole spice set as well as pure set for not just cooking but also for keeping your family healthy. 

Alongside these, Zoff also presents much more such as dry fruits, immunity boosters, seasonings, whole food products, and salt. 

Why You Should Choose Zoff Foods to Shop all Products for Your Convenience? 

Whether you wish to get a starter spice set or some advanced-level spice options for your cooking skills, Zoff has almost everything that you are searching for. Zoff offers spices and other items without any adulteration. Advanced techniques are used to keep the flavour and aroma intact for a long time so that just a pinch is enough to make your home-cooked food enjoyable. 

To make your purchase convenient, Zoff comes with super saver combo packs. Also, you can get Zoff membership to enjoy discounts and other benefits from time to time so that your journey with quality spices continues always.